Another ‘ard day at t’mill…

Funny as hell, but utterly demotivating, is my superintendent’s ability to both make a mountain out of a molehill, but also to get two teams of moles working on it from different sides so neither knows the other is there until they start to notice that its raining soil on their heads.

Still, it keeps me busy and I like to get home and unwind by cooking a nice dinner for the boss and, if I have the time, a quick go on the PS3. Blimey, is it me or do some people really get irate about violence in games?

Car runs over pedestrian (in a game!)

Carmageddon - no, that's not a real pedestrian!

For better or worse (I guess I’ve got a good career lined up if I ever leave the police) I’ve spent too much time with computers since I was a nipper.Β  As a result, I’ve grown up playing games like Carmageddon, where you get more time on the race clock by running over pedestrians, and Grand Theft Auto (most variations) where you get to steal cars, take ‘ladies of the night’ for one-way rides and gun down other gangsters in gory, bullet-ridden shoot outs.

And guess what?

Nope – haven’t once had the urge to ‘go postal’ and start up a massacre, or drive around at lunatic speeds trying to run people over (unless I’ve got the blues ‘n’ twos on.)

My personal thoughts? If kids/adults are easily affected by violence in games, then they’re going to be easily affected by violence in films and far more affected by violence in their childhood/family/environment.Β  As a result, they’re going to be unstable anyway and have a tendency to violence more so than the average Joe who has all their marbles present and accounted-for; trying to blame a safe stress-valve like a game is madness, perpetuated by those who know nothing of games.

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6 Responses to “Another ‘ard day at t’mill…”

  1. Adam Says:

    Yes, it always amazes me when some nutter does something horrific and then blames it on whatever film they last watched, book they last read, game they last played or song they last listened to – and nobody seems to say “Yeah, but you’re a mentalist and the fact that you’re blaming a book/song/game/film for your actions, shows just how mental you are!”.
    Instead, we get pseudo-moral outrage from the usual gutter rags and politicians. It’s far easier to have some form of entertainment to blame, rather than starting to ask ugly questions about how a society has such people in its midst that have gone through school and life un-noticed and untreated.

    • kkop Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Adam. πŸ™‚

      Indeed – it all boils down to the path of least resistance. Rather than challenge the true causes of social issues, they pick on scapegoats that provide far easier targets, even if the science behind it is deeply flawed.

      The best example I can think of is the standard of driving on UK roads. In fact, I feel another blog post coming on!!

  2. Area Trace No Search Says:

    If you ever want an online battle, let me know… As a fellow sad bastard PS3 fan

    • kkop Says:

      Ah! Result!! Hell yeah, add me to your friends list and as and when I get to playing online, I’ll give you a go. πŸ™‚

      I’m currently trying to finish Uncharted 2 at the moment (by finish it, I mean get all the trophies!) but I’ve got Modern Warfare 2 waiting in the wings – I’ve made a promise to complete a game before starting another, so I’m getting a queue of new games that’s probably just going to get longer after Christmas.

      Problem is, I don’t get a lot of time to play games for any length of time but that doesn’t stop me trying. πŸ˜‰

      I’ll mail you with my PS3 username. πŸ™‚

  3. Bunrotha Says:

    As was observed by one of my colleagues, he plays Tiger Woods Golf, and is yet to enter, let alone win, a PGA tournament. I play Sim City, and haven’t built so much as a shed.

    There must be something about violent games that make them the only sort of games the impressionable types will be compelled to imitate. Their headline worthiness, perhaps?

    I must stop playing Fallout 3, just in case I ever get access to a nuclear catapult…

    • kkop Says:

      Indeed. The vulnerable and highly impressionable are going to be influenced by just about any medium, not just games. Games don’t make psychopaths, but psychopaths like playing games, just like regular people.

      I don’t know about a nuclear catapult, but I could sure put some of the Tesla Armour and plasma weaponry to good use…

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