Bringing new meaning to, “We’re short of resources!”

Okay, so at 4’10”, PC Sue Day clinches the title of shortest copper in Britain, according to the Daily Mail.Β  There was an interesting piece on Laptop, the shortest male copper, the other day but as a result it seems they’ve dug deep and found someone even shorter. But they’ve had to think about a new nickname as ‘Laptop’ was already taken, so – sticking with the PC theme – they’ve opted on ‘Mouse’, it being small and a PC peripheral, apparently…

Shortest PC

Little 'n' Large?

This sort of article does raise some interesting arguments about whether the height of a police officer is something that people should concern themselves about, but I have to say, if she can do the job then I wouldn’t mind being crewed up with her.

It’d make me feel taller, for a start. πŸ™‚

P.S.: Is that her pocket notebook attached to her shoulder?


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13 Responses to “Bringing new meaning to, “We’re short of resources!””

  1. Fee Says:

    Not really the long arm of the law either, I’d guess …. sorry, I’ll get me coat!

  2. kKop Says:

    Well done Fee, I wondered how long it’d be before someone started making jokes, and I was trying to be so good and not stoop down to that level. πŸ˜‰

    Problem is, I’m running short of jokes. πŸ™‚

  3. Fee Says:

    I’m not much bigger than she is, so I don’t have so far to stoop…

    Aye, it’s the little things that make me happy, as opposed to being grumpy. Or any of the other five …

  4. Tony F Says:

    Size as such doesn’t matter. If she can do the job, no worries. Just because she’s short doesn’t stop her being very capable. As opposed to office dwellers, who don’t even need to be competent.

    I tried to think of a funny, but I am a bit short of ideas….


  5. kkop Says:

    I agree Tony. As I commented on IG’s blog, I don’t personally think that being big is everything.

    I can recount countless occassions where big coppers have done nothing but wind a situation up. One such occassion was a hot summer’s evening, one of our local trouble makers, who happens to be about 18 stone of body builder, was in the process of being arrested by two firearms officers for being drunk and disorderly. The arrestee was fronting them up, they were fronting him up; there was testosterone everywhere.

    They’d called for another car as they couldn’t transport the guy in their vehicle, loaded with guns as it was, so I turned up with a female probationer, all 5’4″ of her. As soon as we arrived we could see the problem was that neither the arrestee or the firearms officers were going to back down from their testosterone showdown, so my probationer jumped inbetween them, seperated the two parties, (I think she was dealing with it as a domestic) and calmed the arrestee down enough for me to get the firearms guys into their car and on the way to the station. Once they’d gone, the arrestee was pretty calm and the probationer was able to escort him into our car and back to the station with no incident whatsoever.

    Try telling me that having a 6-footer in that situation would have calmed it down…

    Conversely, however, there have been situations where only a big, hefty copper will do – and there have been many of those. There are times when size matters, but they shouldn’t be the only consideration when recruiting potential officers.

  6. Tony F Says:

    There’s the rub, sometimes brute force and ignorance are the answer, and sometimes not. If that isn’t a good enough reason for double crewing I cannot think of a better one.

  7. Tired and Fed-Up Says:

    As always, it’s probably about perspective and reading the situation. I suspect a dimunitive female would have a considerable pacifying effect, although that doesn’t mean to say she (or he) couldn’t handle themselves if things get sticky.

    As I’ve commented before on IG’s blog, I’m a comparitive shorty but I have yet to deal with a situation I couldn’t handle – doesn’t make me a tough guy by any means, but I think it does indicate I can judge a situation and handle it, as do many folks better and worse than me.

    That’s about the long and short of it………………………sorry, couldn’t resist!……………STOP THROWING THINGS AT ME.

  8. Adam Says:

    A guy I once knew, not really all that much over 5 foot and yet having the time of his life in 42 Commando.

    Just goes to show.

  9. justabobby Says:

    I trained with a girl who is 4’10”, so she’s matched at least, and I doubt there are no others. Loads of attitude, happily crew with her (I’m 6’4″ and 18-odd stone!)

    • kkop Says:

      Undoubtedly there are other examples of the extremes of human proportions – as usual, the press fall over themselves for a quick headline then move on showing complete disregard for the real facts and figures and humans behind the statistics.

  10. allcoppedout Says:

    I still don’t know why we stick with all cops having to do the patrol bit. You can imagine a blind guy being a really great detective (mostly paper-pushers as I remember) and so on. Why exclude anyone with talent on the basis of having to do the response stuff? And why not make response work a specialism, maybe needing some brute capacities?

  11. RocketDodger Says:

    To be an effective patrol officer you require a physical presence. Don’t ask the politicians, ask the shits!

    End of.

    To believe otherwise is to take a step into the fantasy NuLabr world of ‘anyone can be anything’ regardless of their fitness, gender, intellect, disabilities etc.

    Harriet Harmen, your day is coming

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