Gypsys, tramps and thieves…

Okay, so I’m not going to reiterate what Inspector Gadget and other blogs are talking about – instead I’m going to post something slightly different.

Traveller caravans

The Sun are running an interesting article on that much-maligned group of innocents, the travelling fraternity.

I for one am not keen to generalise based on very little information.  But I have to say, anybody is going to have a very, very hard time convincing me that travellers are anything other than the dregs of society.  This one gang were responsible for half of the caravan crime in the entire country.  Nice to see the McDonagh’s are still going strong, though – I had lots of fun as a PC chasing them through muddy fields and dark country lanes, for them to ram my police car repeatedly so that I was unable to follow.  Nice people, really.

There are always exceptions, naturally, but I’ve yet to meet a decent, honest, law-abiding one.

Four members of the gang – Charlie Ward, 27, Martin Ward, 21, John McDonagh, 31, and Martin McDonagh, 29 – face long jail terms after being convicted of conspiracy to steal at Winchester Crown Court.

Remember guys, don’t bend over to pick up the soap.

"Where's the soap?" "Yes it does, doesn't it?"


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18 Responses to “Gypsys, tramps and thieves…”

  1. Crime Analyst Says:

    Gippo’s and pykies we called ’em back in the eighties. Brought back memories reading this, I’d forgotten how every one was called McDonagh! Back then it was the best evidence for a remand in custody. I don’t suppose the diversity rules encourage that these days.

    Isn’t it frowned upon to call them “Pykies” now? Something to do with making them feel less valued … Of course that has nothing to do with all the shit and mess and havoc they leave in their wake. O.K. we’ll just settle for scum then shall we?

  2. Tony F Says:

    Many years ago, there was a Gypsy family that would do a circuit of Yorkshire and Lancashire. They didn’t stop long anywhere, itchy feet I suppose. I remember them stopping near us, the head of the family asked dad if he could do any work for us, but we were living hand to mouth then ourselves and said we couldn’t pay them anything. He asked if they could stop over in one of our fields for a couple of nights. Dad said yes….They only stayed one or two nights, mainly to rest their horses (our hills must have been a real bugger for them). We asked for nothing from them, and to be honest I can’t remember really seeing them. However, when they left, one of our tumble down dry stone walls had been well repaired, and they left no mess. I know they were exceedingly proud people, and perhaps unique.

    As for ‘travelers’, they want all the trappings of modern society without giving anything back. There’s a nice place at Donna Nook for them to park.

    • Adam Says:

      Didn’t the “King” of the Romany Gypsies make some appeal to all those “travellers” to live a more honest life? He felt that the majority of those in Europe who liked to think of themselves as Gypsies, were just thieving pikies, giving them a bad name.

  3. Adam Says:

    The council set up a site for them – toilets, washing machines and all that. What they didn’t rip out to sell, they vandalised and then bleated at the council ’til they got it all replaced and repaired. All at taxpayers expense, of course,

    Guess what happened next?

  4. Fee Says:

    I never refer to travellers as gypsies (an old and proud race, who never left a mess and were generally welcomed on farms as they helped out at harvest times – I’m also descended from them, way back).

    Modern travellers are scum. They parked up near my husband’s work and the doorman spent the next two weeks making a series of tannoy announcements – “Car registration xxy has been broken into, owner please attend”. In the space of two weeks, the police were called at least twice a day, and the mess the travellers left behind when the council moved them on had to be seen to be believed.

  5. kkop Says:

    Gypsies and travellers are two completely different entities. One has a long and colourful past, the other leaves a long and colourful trail of crime and litter.

  6. dungbeetle Says:

    Nice piece: Labels are so misleading, ’tis like most Tents , you never know what is hidden under the flap.
    When Young I was exposed to the wandering tribes of humans, that so many called “Gypo’s” like most mysterious groups, I found many good and many bad, could not tell from looking which be which, not unlike trying to decipher a Tory from Labour, you have to dig deeper.
    keep up the good work

  7. allcoppedout Says:

    I used to get a lot sorted through the gypsy leaders on a couple of beats. Some of them are real pains, others delightful and about as honest as people come. Had a few drinks with quite a few, which says it all. Saved from a good hiding by a couple (and a one-legged prostitute) when my superhero supervision sped off leaving me in deep. Some of them are dire thieves – it was building site plant in my day. Sorted a dire domestic one day with a little more anger than becomes us ‘professionals’ and ended-up at a wedding. Same old problems today, and some sods I let dig some of my front garden left with my spade and car. Car returned after a phone call. Better than our own scrotes by some measure.

  8. Crouchergate » The backlash. « The Adventures of Policeboy Says:

    […] seems to have died down now, compared to the initial flare, with some bloggers believing it to have had enough exposure as it […]

  9. Rose Says:

    Lol!! What concerns me with travellers AND gypsies is the arranged marriages. And surely the dowry for Asians is illegal so why not for gypsies? Im married into a Romany Gypsy family through choice but the amount of 16 and 17 yr old girls, some slightly older, having arranged marriages within the family is shocking. If a Romany girl marries into the Irish (and I cannot understand why they do) a ‘fortune’ of £150,000 is paid. Many family members club together for this. The Mongon and Stokes families (Irish) were at loggerheads over something so they arranged a marriage between the families to ‘heal the rift’. Didnt work, the Stokes still beheaded John Mongon (Mongan? not sure on spelling). Society and the law need to realise that arranged marriage doesnt just take place within the Asian community, but gypsy girls will never speak out.

  10. Deborah McBriarty King. Says:

    I agree that there are many travellers and gypsies that lead a life of crime, but they are but a small percentage of the entire community. My father is partial traveller, and partial Roma, while my mother is a ‘normal’ person. Believe me, there are more honest and hard working people out there than criminals. But they tend to keep to themselves, and are not in the lime light nearly as much as their shameful counterparts. As for the arranged marriages, if the child really wanted to object, they simply need to speak with the matriarchof her family or clan. At least that’s the way of it where I come from. But being isolated both from gorjers and the traveling people for the majority of my life, I cannot speak for all for them.

  11. George MacDonald Says:

    I owned a vacant site in Aberdeen and decided to let some travellers use it free of charge as I thought that maybe they had unfair press. Result was a £12k cleanup bill, power cables cut and human effluent requiring specialist cleaners. Crime rose in the immediate area and some local residents were scammed and deceived. Never again. Absolute Scum who cost the country a fortune and contribute nothing.

    • jamie oneill (@mellojamie) Says:

      “Absolute Scum who cost the country a fortune and contribute nothing.”………..
      Yep ! 😦 Sad but true, used to be the odd minority, but nowadays, its easily the majority who are dis-honest, thieving, missing a bar of soup, alcoholic brawlers who cause nothing but trouble, a rise in crime rates, and thats only what goes reported cause it seems the only time you can ever get a group of more than 6 of them together at the one time is when they band together to imtimidate some honest law abiding man and his family who have took umbragee at one of the many wrongdoings commited while they are in the area , or out of jail.
      PS The only other occassion you get that many from a family in the one place without braling with each other is when they have came team handed to either brawl or dish out a beating to another ‘Traveller’ family or single member !

      Never understand the sympathiser, i can only assume they dont live near or have any regular contact, i mean have you ever been near a site when they are on a weekend bender of the Hooch, It’s.., well it’s un-explainable and for good honest hard working familys, can be terrifying !!

  12. Sarah Says:

    I have had personal recent experience with them – that is the ward family. They entered our property and basically in full view of everyone, stole everything they could. Police wouldn’t do anything. They wouldn’t even do a silent approach to catch them in the act. Their excuse was that they didn’t have the recourses to go arresting them and searching their vans. If that had of been a gang of ordinary men on our property, they would have all been arrested. But for some reason, if you are a gypsy, you are protected by the reluctance of the police to get involved. Merseyside police that is. I cant give details and if I didn’t know better, they are protected from high above. I suppose if we all were protected in this way, many of us would steal, so are they really that bad? I mean they tidied up after them. I suppose they do it because they can.

    • kKop Says:

      I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience. If I were you, I’d consider making a formal complaint.

      But dealing with travellers is never a simple task and something like this would require the attendance of every officer in the town and a specialist unit or three as well.

      That’s not to say police shouldn’t have attended, but in this bright new world of austerity and budget cuts, you’d be lucky to have a single officer free to attend nowadays. 😦

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