About kKop

I’m a serving police officer in a rural constabulary (sheesh, this sounds like IG’s blog already!) and, as you may already have guessed, my desire to blog and my style of blogging is heavily influenced by the almighty Inspector Gadget. Praise be!!

I’ve been an operational police officer for over 12 years and yes, I’ve seen things that’ll turn your toes.  Some of them outside of the station, even.

I work to live, rather than living to work, so my blogs may or may not be about work.  I don’t want to duplicate the already awesome Inspector Gadget’s blog or many of the other great police blogs out there, so some of the posts may be off the wall until I find my feet and decide on a particular direction for the blog to go in.

It’s new and I’m new to it.  So go easy on me! 😉


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