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Burglars aren’t proper humans shock!

February 2, 2010

Tough on crime, inhumane on criminals.

In a rather radical step (for a politician), David Cameron – in an attempt to consolidate even more votes against NuLab in the upcoming elections – has been quoted as coming out with a rather impressive new idea.

He has suggested something I, and every other copper on the face of the planet, have been shouting about and voicing an opinion on since time began and cavemen first learned how to shape a rather large, clubby-looking piece of wood into a PR-24 baton.

Burglars, he says, should lose any human rights the minute they break into someone’s house.

Mr Cameron said “The moment a burglar steps over your threshold, and invades your property – with all the threat that gives to you, your family and your livelihood – I think they leave their human rights outside.”

My question is, why stop there, Mr Cameron?  Why not include joy riders, thieves in general and any other scrote who decides (implying some element of choice was available to the miscreant) to break the law?

I can say for a fact that if I was woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of some knuckle-dragging low-life raiding my personal possessions and threatening the safety and sanctity of my family so that they can get their next drug hit, I will endeavour to use the maximum force available to me to subdue them.  If the pondlife were unlucky enough to break into my household, that may even include the use of a firearm if the circumstances called for it.  What if the burglar were killed?  Tea and medals.  Saves a long and costly court case just for the waste-of-oxygen to be given a community sentence, not to mention saving all the future victims of his repeat offences that he would have been able to go on to commit.

My reasoning?  It’s dark, I can’t see and don’t have the time to think about what weapons they’ve got, The Boss and miniKop need protecting at all costs and I know the kind of scum that commit this kind of crime.  It is certainly not unreasonable to expect them to be armed with a knife or worse.  Me? If I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night, the best protection I’ll be wearing will be a rather bad temper and whatever weapon I’ve picked up on the way out of the bedroom.

Unfortunately some people do take it too far – the Hussein’s, for example.  But all the time an offender is on my premises and is resisting arrest, I will make use of the weapons and training available to me to incapacitate that offender.  You don’t break into someone’s house to have tea with them – you’ve only got a couple of things on your mind and none of them mean you’re considering the human rights of the victims.

I was going to sit out of this election as I don’t believe there’s enough of a difference between the two parties, but I suspect Mr Cameron may be swinging my opinion his way with this one.  Suggest bringing back capital punishment for some of the spongers and ‘permanently unemployed’ out there and he’ll definitely have my vote.


If you can’t laugh, what can you do? Take up politics, perhaps…

December 19, 2009

So Boris Johnson is unhappy with the way the Met is managed? Get in line, Mr Johnson, because I’m sure as hell you’re not the only one who wants to politicise the management of policing.

Boris holding his hair down

Boris checks his hair isn't MIA

As we all know, Boris is the bleeding edge of Mayorship, and his diamond-edged wit and decision-making ability is rivalled only by his hairstyle.  The fact he’s backed banker’s bonuses is a key indicator of where his morals, and perhaps assets, lie.

However, from behind all this bluster, confusion and windswept hair comes a rather worrying comment from our Boris.  Whilst talking about the disjointed nature of the MPA, it seems our Boris wants more political control of the police.

I couldn’t think of anything scarier or more counterproductive.

When I took the oath, I swore allegiance to the Queen, not some randomly-elected, flavour-of-the-moment scrote in a suit whose only interest is fiddling the taxpayer for all they can get whilst swapping houses and allowances like Top Trumps cards in a school playground.

Politicise policing and you’ll end up with the same problem the French have – the police won’t do anything about the farmers/fishermen striking and blocking the ports, causing chaos in the UK thanks to Op Stack, because their commissioner (or préfet or whoever it is – not sure of the exact terminology as my French isn’t that hot!) won’t get re-elected as they’ll have lost the votes of vast numbers of militant onion sellers (the worst kind – militant onions play havoc with your tear ducts when you’re slicing them.)

Note: Unfortunately I couldn’t link to the actual news article that sparked this post as it is in a members-only area of Janes Police Review website.  I have, instead, tried to find other relevant news articles, although they’re a bit older, that get the same message across.