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Gypsys, tramps and thieves…

January 29, 2010

Okay, so I’m not going to reiterate what Inspector Gadget and other blogs are talking about – instead I’m going to post something slightly different.

Traveller caravans

The Sun are running an interesting article on that much-maligned group of innocents, the travelling fraternity.

I for one am not keen to generalise based on very little information.  But I have to say, anybody is going to have a very, very hard time convincing me that travellers are anything other than the dregs of society.  This one gang were responsible for half of the caravan crime in the entire country.  Nice to see the McDonagh’s are still going strong, though – I had lots of fun as a PC chasing them through muddy fields and dark country lanes, for them to ram my police car repeatedly so that I was unable to follow.  Nice people, really.

There are always exceptions, naturally, but I’ve yet to meet a decent, honest, law-abiding one.

Four members of the gang – Charlie Ward, 27, Martin Ward, 21, John McDonagh, 31, and Martin McDonagh, 29 – face long jail terms after being convicted of conspiracy to steal at Winchester Crown Court.

Remember guys, don’t bend over to pick up the soap.

"Where's the soap?" "Yes it does, doesn't it?"