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Common sense wins out…

January 26, 2010

If you’ve read my last post you’ll see that I’ve been watching the inquest into the shooting of the violent armed robber, Robert Haines, whilst he was trying to relieve a bank of £105,000.

It seems that, in a sporadic fit of complete sensibility, the inquest and the IPCC have decided that the killing was completely lawful.

Well done on arriving at the only sensible conclusion to the whole affair.  Personally, I don’t think there should have been an inquest at all – the officer responsible should have been issued a medal for ridding the country of a prolific and dangerous criminal.

Following the inquest, Mr Haines’ brother Burt said: “I don’t agree with why he was there.

“I think he could have been wounded. To shoot him dead, I think is completely wrong.”

Naturally, the media are going to include a soundbite from the aggrieved criminal’s family.  I’m not sure where the confusion lies with Burt, though – his brother had planned the armed raid on the bank, turned up complete with balaclava and loaded shotgun, threatened staff with it, obtained £105,000 from them illegally, then discharged the shotgun at police officers whilst trying to make his escape.  What part of ‘caught red-handed’ is Burt failing to grasp?

As for the second part of his comment, well, that’s just about too ludicrous to even mention.  What would you prefer, Burt?  That your brother was ‘winged’, giving him plenty of time to fire off the second barrel of his gun and kill a police officer or an innocent member of the public?

From the minute the raid was executed, an irrevocable chain of events were set in motion that led to the demise of Burt’s brother.  Despite what Burt and the rest of his clan may think, the only person who had any control over what happened was the idiot behind the shotgun…

The Nationwide Building Society that was subject to the 'violent withdrawal'