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You couldn’t ‘make it up’ – or could you…?

February 8, 2010

Just a quicky, but I thought I’d make an attempt to be first for a change. (You can tell I’ve got my laptop back – The Boss feels like she’s alone in the world once again!) 😉

A bit more information has surfaced regarding PC Fran Croucher – the officer who triggered an outpouring of good-faith messages and not a few Facebook groups baying for the blood of whoever invented this ‘single-crewing’ malarky.

Kent Police have maintained a bit of a media black hole on this one – for good reason given the PR damage it will no doubt cause – and news has been thin on the ground.  It would appear, however, that Fran has been using a bit of artistic licence and may have been using makeup to simulate the injuries she would have received, had her allegation of being beaten up by two blokes from a van she’d stopped held a shred of truth.

Problem is, not only did they photograph her injuries at the time, but also a couple of days later once the bruising had – sorry, would have – come out properly.  The problem with this, it seems, is that Fran forgot where she put the original marks and so, several days later, the second set of photos didn’t match the first in injury placement.

What Fran's injuries MAY have looked like...

Fran's injuries - an artist's impression.

We still don’t know the full truth of what happened and probably never will, but one thing is clear – this whole sorry affair will do nothing but untold damage to our reputation, as the media is so good at putting the blame of one person’s actions against the feet of every single officer in the land.

You couldn’t make it up.