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January 14, 2010

After complaining about the police constantly for chasing targets, having no heart, acting like robots and generally being inhuman automatons, a PC from the TeleVision Police – sorry – Thames Valley Police, goes and proves that coppers are…. well…. human.  And gets into trouble for it.

Can you believe that the idiot in charge of the division where this happened actually criticised the police officers involved?  Whatever your thoughts are about their use of police time (how do we know they weren’t actually on a break? Being human, police officers have them too), resources and equipment, you have to admit that this sort of event does nothing but prove that there is a human (and maybe a bit of a child) behind the uniform.

Whatever the superintendent’s motives were for reprimanding this behaviour, you can guarantee that despite his or her misgivings, it will have helped public confidence and made the other members of public in that particular area feel a little more at ease knowing :

a) the hill was being well-policed

b) that coppers are human too

c) that riot shields make damn good tobbogans!